Nearby Places

Jhalawar Fort:
The Jhalawar fort, also known as the Garh palace is located in the centre of the town. The fort was founded by Maharaj Rana Madan Singh in 1840 and completed in the reign of his son Prithvi Singh in 1845 AD. The Zanana Khas or the womans place has frescoes on both mirror and walls, which are considered finest examples of the Hadoti school of Art. Presently Jhalawar fort is protected monument of state government and govt. museum running on upper front first storey.

Manohar Thana Fort:
The Manohar Thana fort is situated within the well walled town of Manohar Thana at a distance of 92 kilometers from Jhalawar.

The fort is situated at the confluence of Kaalikhad and Parvan rivers, since it occupied an important strategic position at one point or time, it comprised double fortification of outer wall and battlements. Recently a Dak Bungalow, has been constructed at this place.

Dalhanpur, Chhapi Dam :
Dalhanpur is situated on the bank of the Chhapi river. The place is at a distance of 60 kilometers from Jhalawar and is surrounded by dense forest. This place was centre of shiva sect and tantra sadhana.

Atishay Jain Temples, Chandkheri, Khanpur:
The Atishay Jain Temples are located near the Khanpur town at a distance of 35 kilometers from Jhalawar. This Jain temple was built in the 17th century and is primarily known for its religious, historical, archaeological and architectural value. It also houses a statue of Lord Aadinath that is in seated posture and six feets in height.

Sun Temple, Jhalarapatan:
The largest and complete temple of Rajasthan (like Konark Sun temple). It is attractive and well protected example of 11th century AD. temples from sculptures and architectural point of view, possibly this temple was renovated and adorn in 16th century A.D., facing west and built in Kachchhap ghat style. This temple is with huge shikhar of 98 feet high having saptshringar.

The Sabhamandap of temple is adorn with attractive and artistic 52 pillar's and shikhar's. Garbhgrah and outer part of temple has depiction of chaitya, sculptures of shaiv, vaishanav, shakt and saurya sect, dikpal, navgrah, saptmatrikas and panel of dancers with musical instruments and yogic activities of sadhus etc is fascinating.