Interesting Facts

The fort is an excellent example of a' Jal Durg' or a fort built in and protected by water. It is spread over a large area and has some beautiful structures that are still intact. Mughal Emperor Akbar was struck by its commanding position and gave orders for its reduction. The fort was then offered to Emperor Akbar. at it also has mention in the Ain-e-Akbari, col. James Tod also wrote about its beauty " The fort was full three miles wide, the soil fertile and the scenery highly picturesque. This place is also famous for the Rajput chief who came to be known as Sant Pipa and whose devotional song compositions find place in the Guru Granth Sahib.

Gagron was once a teeming city in medieval India. It fanked supreme in this part of malwa when Bundi/Kota/Jhalawar were yet to appear as states on the princely map of the country.

The Mukundara mountain ranges are positioned at the rear of Gagron fort. A valley near Gagron fort is encircled by woodland that reverberates with parrots and peacocks inside the Gagron fort, one can find temples with deities of Madhu Sudan and Sheetalamata.

Gagron is a region which has been sanctified by the terrific bravery of Khinchi emperor and the optimum forfeit of Royal Rajput women. A long time ago Gagron was a swarming conurbation in medieval India.